Hair color

Hair Color


Hair color, or hair dyeing, is the practice of changing the hair color. The main reasons for this are cosmetic: to cover gray or white hair, to change to a color regarded as more fashionable or desirable, or to restore the original hair color after it has been discolored by hairdressing processes or sun bleaching.

Hair color ideas for women

The new fashion trend is that changing the  color of the hair is like changing clothes. Celebrities around the world change the hair color to give a new and unique look on different sets and occasions.

Strong streaks hair color

Small sections of hair are colored a little below the roots. If you provide a golden highlight, a soft look in your dark and long hair which will be forecasted. Light red highlights throughout the hair make the hair look thicker and add volume to them.

Baby lights hair color ideas

It is a hair coloring technique where small sections of hair are highlighted and it can lighten your hair color when they are playing in the sun. It gives naturally highlighted look and has best added dimension to the hair. They are easier to maintain and grow out naturally.

Softer reds hair colors

Many women in the recent times are going for the colors like copper, golden along with deep reds.  These colors are also suitable on dark skin tones without looking unnatural. Fiery red color has also become very popular these days.  A number of the film stars are looking for natural and soft hair looks shade. This can also an inclusion of multi-dimensional copper.

Deep browns hair color for WOMEN

Cool tones are best suited on pinkish or dark complexion and golden shade is more suitable on warm skin tone.  Women with ash and olive complexion must go for ash brown shade.

Best hair color cool cast

Silver or white color has become the latest craze this season. There is full on bleach white glossing or there are just some creamy highlights scattered over the head with a touch of violet or blue here and there. There are some complex shades which require about ten hours of bleaching. They are best with opal shade and hints of lavender and pink

Trendy hair color with blue

Modern celebrities are trying to experiment with blue and have found that blue black color gives a beautiful effect. It is the best shade for summer.

Fashion hair color idea with blonde

This is a color which defines the natural blonde streaks in the front and brown on the back. It is inspired by the blondes who wanted to use darker shades without getting rid of their natural color.

Opal stylish hair color idea

It is a bold style adopted by celebrities, by combining this color with other shades like blue, green and light hints of a spectacular color.

New pixel hair color for women

There are not many examples of pixel hair color, but those done professionally seem to look fantastic for various hair.  The base hair color is of no importance for a pixel color. These colors are experimenting with models participating in runway shows.

Cool ombre hair color

Ombre hair color is the hottest hair color trend in the recent times which provides different options. It highlights the ends of the hair. It is a simple dip dye with choices of soft, bold, colorful or natural with any color. It requires the least maintenance.

Ash pearl blonde hair color

This is a perfect ash pearl shade of blonde long hair long hair with soft curls.  It is the best shade of hair for summers and is suitable on fair complexions.

Chocolate blonde best in summer

This is an excellent combination of warm chocolate brown base natural hair with golden blonde highlights. You can discover this really well when your friends and relatives praise you. This can be applied to people in all age groups.

White honey blonde light hair color

This is the idea that speaks about fall color without any flaws. It is not platinum or not golden. The beauty of this white honey lies in its bright, beige blonde shades. During the fall you have to stay confined with colors. But this is a spectacular hair color that helps you get an attractive look.

Stunning red fall hair color

This color brings an extraordinary tempt. This is the particular variety that makes you look increasingly tempting. You can even get attracted by your partner with this hair color trend.

Cherry brown hair color ideas for women


This is a beautiful lush cherry shade with a brown dye and a bottom color in red and violet. It also depicts a shade of  chocolate brown with the combination of light falls on it. The cherry brown hair color makes you look really attractive. There are ways to create a healthy impression to the rest of the crowd.

Low lights and highlights

This is a simple hair color with brown low lights and very light highlights. This might be really common to people around, but looks actually good. You can take up a more simplified form with a spectacular colorless deal. The highlights will create a wonderful impression on your face.

Copper blonde hair color


This is a unique shade of copper hair with blonde chunks. It is usually admired on celebrities who want a unique look on stage or on special occasions. This is another party looking hair color that will create a lovely look.

Rainbow colorshair

This is a perfect rainbow hair color with purple and a lavender ombre extension. The teens and ladies crossing 30 years are always taking it for flaunting view. But, this creates a positive impression on your looks

Classic rainbow hair color

You can get a spectacular shade of rainbow color on your hair. You get a dazzling view with this hair color. The particular hair color has varied display based on places to visit.

Burgundy red hair color 

Here is a perfect combination of auburn, magenta, strawberry-blonde and red. It is a vibrant, energetic, and an attractive color and best for winter. The brown based pigment looks very natural with this a dark hair color shade.


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To waxing, or not to waxing – that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer briefly in the quest for long lasting smooth skin….or to take to razor daily and live with stubble. Shakespeare probably wasn’t into waxing but the age old questions remain as to whether the results of waxing are worth the cost and effort and where Doing It Yourself is feasible. Having finer, softer and lighter coloured hair and smoother skin which remains hair-free for 3 to 4 weeks are clear benefits. And with regular treatments hair reduction can be long-term, even permanent removal. That said there can be a degree of discomfort in more sensitive areas or during your first treatment. And you do have to wait for hair to grow back so it’s long enough to be removed again. Not everybody can be this patient and some wax only before holidays or special occasions. Attempting it at home involves melting the wax in a microwave or hot water. If you don’t get the temperature just right you can end up stuck and bruised. Bravery to rip off the strips whilst knowing when this is going to happen can also be a barrier. It’s often best to enlist the help with our angel’s professional.


Waxing is equally effective with light and dark hair with strength and speed of growth more important. It means you can go without tights or slip into a sleeveless top or a swimsuit without having to think about whether or not you’re hair free. You can always step up to laser or IPL to accelerate hair reduction but do remember that you shouldn’t wax in between these treatments as they act on the hair root which in waxing is pulled out. Shaving and depilation are suitable as the hair removal is only superficial – that’s why with these techniques hair reappears faster to come through.

Waxing is equally effective with light and dark hair with strength and speed of growth more important. It means you can go without tights or slip into a sleeveless top or a swimsuit without having to think about whether or not you’re hair free.

The most popular body areas women wax are leg (half or full), . Facial waxing tends to be used to shape eyebrows and on the upper lip, chin and cheeks where the growth is hormonal. Threading is an alternative now available in many shopping centres and department stores as well as beauty salons. Amongst men, waxing is no longer the preserve of male models and sportsmen, whether it’s used to create a smooth chest and highlight muscles, remove hair as it crawls off the head and down the back with ageing or the rather obviously named ‘back, sac and crack’ for the look and feel of genital areas. Specialised waxes are available for facial hair and other sensitive areas. You might be given a choice between lycon and strip wax, be able to pick from a range of colours and scents or offered the alternative of sugaring which dates back thousands of years. After your treatment you’ll usually be offered a lotion such as aloe vera to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. About a week after waxing regular exfoliation can reduce the risk on the odd ingrowing hairs. There are also various hair reduction ointments which can be applied.

Whether it’s for aesthetic or hygiene purposes, smooth skin or hair eradication waxing is the most common form of full hair removal. There’s the whole host of treatments and a every type of salon available on Treatwell. We ladies salon in chinsurah provide all of this facility 0f waxing

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hair treatment

Hair Treatment

Here in Angel’s Space we are providing different type of Hair Treatment services to save people from pollution affected after effect. Below are some of the services given as,

  1. Smart Bond
  2. Damage Repairing
  3. Power Mix Treatment
  4. Hair fall

We are using following Brands

  1. Loreal
  2. Matrix
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Hair Cutting

Knock Knock, Whose Hair?

From hair cutting s to blowdries, small changes to reinventions-every stylist is trained as a specialist in their chosen field. By allowing our team to focus on one area of service and then consult together to complete your experience, you can be assured that you are receiving personal treatment with results as individual as you.


We will work with you one-on-one to understand your personal style so we can create a hair cutting that complements your features and reflects you


Look your best for importent meetings, a girl’s night out or unexpected dinner plans.Enjoy a luxurious shampoo, scalp massage and professional blowout with styling. Our Stylist will customize your look with finishing techniques


Our stylist will help you choose the best hairstyle that complements your features and fits your occasion.


A formula that is designed to restore proteins and moisture in the hair. Often the client will wear a cap and be placed under a dryer for 10-20 minutes to increase the speed of penetration.

 our service for Hair Cutting


SPLIT ENDS RWMOVE (SCISSOR)                                                                                                                                         we provided all of these hair cutting in our salon

come and try our service in chinsurah.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon

Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon is trained for perfection. Thet understand what their clients want and deliver on point. Every single time! Bridal Makeup is one of the things that is very important. Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon is one of the best parlour  in chinsurah and their reputation speaks theirself.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup might seem to be an easy task, but it clearly isn’t. For a bride, the most important day of her is her wedding day and she needs to feel and look gorgeous and perfect for the same. The bridal look that she decides on needs to reflect her personality and style. The day will last forever in her mind and things need to be perfect. From subtle to dramatic, from bold to natural, Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon does it all. From Bridal makeup to hairstyling to draping the trousseau, everything is looked after. The service can be availed both in the salon and at home. Call to make a reservation, today!

Bridal Hairstyle

For her bride every aspect of her should be perfect on her wedding day. Since she would be the focus for the day, along with her Bridal makeup, her hair needs to be perfect. Since they say ‘hair maketh a (wo)man,’ the bride’s hair style should compliment her clothes and her look. The right hair style can accentuate a bride’s beauty while a sloppy one can make her uncomfortable and ruin the day for her. Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon works closely with the brides to give them what they want. They know the importance of a bridal hairstyle and provide the right style and hair accessories to make sure that she is tressed to perfection.

Bengali Bridal Makeup

The Bengali bride is known for her traditional attire and look. The wedding is serene and colourful and the bride’s look needs to compliment the occasion. While the traditional Bengali look has become mainstream thanks to the media, Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon will make sure that you get a unique modern touch with the traditional look. Make a reservation today to get the right makeup to accentuate and enhance your best features. Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon are known for their perfection, be it the gorgeous red bindi or the intricate chandan designs on the forehead. The team will also help you drape the saree in the traditional Bengali style to complete the look.


facial,facial in chinsurah,facial in chuchura by angel's spa and ladies beauty salon


We have understood the needs of your skin and accordingly designed the facials that make sure your skin feels revived and breathes free. Our expert dermatologists understand the unique skin needs of individuals and have designed facials for each to deliver the desired results. What differentiates every facial is the amount of customization that goes into it with respect to the ingredients and techniques required for each skin need.

We are using Brands

  1. Sahanaz Professional
  2. O3 Plus
  3. Lotus
  4. Cheryl’s


  • Thoroughly cleanse your face
  • Exfoliate
  • Use steam extraction to pull toxins to the surface
  • Apply a customized treatment mask
  • Give a neck massage
  • Apply eye cream
  • Moisturize your skin
All of our facials include cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation of dead cells and limited pore extractions. Our therapist will select the products to best care for your skin types. Talk to us to learn more about facials therapy in High Point, NC.
Facials in chinsurah
Facials in chinsurah


Through increasing the circulation to the skin and flushing out toxins, special massaging techniques help firm and tone the skin. Protecting against free-radical damage, SkinCeuticals help to synthesize collagens. A moisturizing therapy for the hands is also provided to prevent signs of aging and a loss of elasticity.


After the distress facials, you will be ready to take on the world again. A custom fit mask will help to restore the radiance depleted by stress. Fall into bliss as tension floats away during your extended face, neck and shoulder massage. Your hands and feet also receive special attention during this therapy.


If you use glycolic acid products, this product will aid in the removal of dead skin cells. It also deep cleanses, unclogs pores, helps sun damage and treats acne-prone skin.


If your skin has become dull or lacks luster, the Skinceuticals exfoliating treatment can provide a perfect therapy. Dead skin cells are whisked away and healthy cells are revealed. When depleted by the environment there’s nothing like a soothing, hydrating masque to maintain your skin’s natural moisture. Purchase the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque with this facial at 15%.


If you’re on a glycolic regimen, this treatment will combine a lavish cleansing facial to reveal softer, smoother and brighter complexion.


Treat oily shine, open blocked pores, uncover layers of younger, smoother skin with our visible difference facial. Targeted exfoliation enzyme peel produces a visible and lasting effect for all types of skin.


If your skin is prone to redness and rosacea, this calm and cool facial will hydrate without oiliness and the antibacterial/antiseptic properties will help heal, calm and soothe acne/rosacea or sensitive skin.


This treatment helps teenagers (aged 11-17) to control the over production of the sebaceous glands. Proper skin care habits are recommended and various techniques offered.


This relaxing massage technique is perfect for backs with our without acne. The treatment provides cleansing and exfoliation to reveal smooth and replenished skin.

With our Alpha/Beta facial you can expect to restore your skin’s natural luminosity. This will help to improve all skin types. *** A two-week home practice is recommended before treatment to acquaint skin the glycolic products.


  • Paraffin for Hands with facial  
  • Paraffin for Feet with facial
  • Paraffin for hands and feet with facial  
  • Eye Therapy
  • Brow, lip, or face waxing
  • Tinting services
. we are one of the best parlour in chinsurah