Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon

Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon is trained for perfection. Thet understand what their clients want and deliver on point. Every single time! Bridal Makeup is one of the things that is very important. Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon is one of the best parlour  in chinsurah and their reputation speaks theirself.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup might seem to be an easy task, but it clearly isn’t. For a bride, the most important day of her is her wedding day and she needs to feel and look gorgeous and perfect for the same. The bridal look that she decides on needs to reflect her personality and style. The day will last forever in her mind and things need to be perfect. From subtle to dramatic, from bold to natural, Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon does it all. From Bridal makeup to hairstyling to draping the trousseau, everything is looked after. The service can be availed both in the salon and at home. Call to make a reservation, today!

Bridal Hairstyle

For her bride every aspect of her should be perfect on her wedding day. Since she would be the focus for the day, along with her Bridal makeup, her hair needs to be perfect. Since they say ‘hair maketh a (wo)man,’ the bride’s hair style should compliment her clothes and her look. The right hair style can accentuate a bride’s beauty while a sloppy one can make her uncomfortable and ruin the day for her. Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon works closely with the brides to give them what they want. They know the importance of a bridal hairstyle and provide the right style and hair accessories to make sure that she is tressed to perfection.

Bengali Bridal Makeup

The Bengali bride is known for her traditional attire and look. The wedding is serene and colourful and the bride’s look needs to compliment the occasion. While the traditional Bengali look has become mainstream thanks to the media, Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon will make sure that you get a unique modern touch with the traditional look. Make a reservation today to get the right makeup to accentuate and enhance your best features. Angel’s Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon are known for their perfection, be it the gorgeous red bindi or the intricate chandan designs on the forehead. The team will also help you drape the saree in the traditional Bengali style to complete the look.


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