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Welcome to Angel’s Space .Angel’s Spa & Ladies Beauty Parlour in chinsurah was established on 9th May, 2016. As any budding business, it started modest and with time, confidence, brand awareness and clients’ loyalty it expanded and in 2 sections- Hair and Beauty. It is now rated as the best known landmark in enhancing the outer and inner beauty of a woman.

We are one of the Ladies Beauty Parlour in chinsurah don’t make a woman beautiful but it makes her feel glamorously self- confident. From young girls to teenagers to young woman to working woman to housewives to professionals to brides to elders- the professionalism gives a personal touch to individuals to let them feel ‘special’ about themselves.



facial,facial in chinsurah,facial in chuchura by angel's spa and ladies beauty salon
We have understood the needs of your skin and accordingly designed the facials that make sure your skin feels revived and
Bridal Makeup
Angel's Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon Angel's Spa and Ladies Beauty Salon is trained for perfection. Thet understand what their clients
Hair cutting,hair cutting in chinsurah,hair cutting in chuchura,v-cut hair cutting,u-cut hair cutting, layer hair cutting,step hair cutting ,reverse hair cutting, specialists in hair cutting in chinsurah by angel's spa and ladies beauty salon
Knock Knock, Whose Hair? From hair cutting s to blowdries, small changes to reinventions-every stylist is trained as a specialist
hair treatment
Here in Angel's Space we are providing different type of Hair Treatment services to save people from pollution affected after
Manicure Asian country with diverse terrain –Manicure-best salon in chuchura from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline – and history
pedicure,cosmetic treatment,pedicure in Hooghly,women feet treatment in chinsurah
Pedicure Description: A pen-and-ink and watercolor map from 1784 of the Gulf Coast between the Anclote Keys in Florida Pedicure 
waxing in angel's salon in chinsurah,,waxing for women in hooghly,women waxing
WAXING To waxing, or not to waxing - that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
Hair color
HAIR COLOR Hair color, or hair dyeing, is the practice of changing the hair color. The main reasons for this

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